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David Bowie [1983.04.27] Dallas Moonlight (Rehearsal) [SBD]

David Bowie & Stevie Ray Vaughan
'Dallas Moonlight'
(2003 Red Devil : RD-BD-013-1/2)
Rehearsal for Serious Moonlight Tour
Las Colinas Soundstage, Dallas, Texas, USA
Wednesday April 27th, 1983

Stereo Soundboard Recording
Superb Sound Quality
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
1-01 Star
1-02 Heroes
1-03 What In The World
1-04 Look Back In Anger
1-05 Joe The Lion
1-06 Wild In The Wind
1-07 Golden Years
1-08 Fashion
1-09 Let's Dance
1-10 Red Sails
1-11 Breaking Glass
1-12 Life On Mars
1-13 Sorrow
1-14 Cat People
1-15 China Girl
1-16 Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
1-17 Rebel Rebel
1-18 I Can't Explain
1-19 White Light, White Heat
2-01 Station To Station
2-02 Cracked Door
2-03 Ashes To Ashes
2-04 Space Oddity
2-05 Young Americans
2-06 Soul Love
2-07 Hang On To Yourself
2-08 Fame
2-09 TVC 15
2-10 Stay
2-11 The Jean Genie
2-12 Modern Love

Rehearsal session for Bowie's Serious Moonlight Tour, recorded live at the Las Calinas Soundstage in Dallas, Texas on April 27th, 1983, features Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar.

'David Bowie and Stevie Ray Vaughan The Serious Rehearsal 1983' The story goes that after Bowie saw Stevie perform at the Montreuz Jazz Festival in 1982 he asked him to join his band and tour in support of his new album "Serious Moonlight" after a few rehearsals Stevie decided to skip joining Bowie's band so this is all we get to hear. It would have been amazing. -Original

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