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O{+> [2011.05.29] Los Angeles, California

This show has not been previously posted here.
Welcome 2 America Tour
The Forum, Los Angeles, California, USA
Sunday May 29th, 2011

Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Disc  1:
01. The Love We Make
02. Mountains
03. Everyday People
04. Take Me With U
05. Raspberry Beret (longer version)
06. Cream
07. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (w/ long Maceo intro)
08. Cool
09. Let's Work (w/ long Prince and Ida bass intro)
10. You Got The Look
11. No One Else (Amel Larrieux cover sung by the ladies)
12. Renata Interlude
13. The Beautiful Ones
Disc 2:
01. Let's go Crazy (w/ very long guitar intro)
02. Delirious / Let's Go Crazy (reprise)
03. She's Always in My Hair
04. Future Soul Song (w/ King)
05. Purple Rain
Encore 1
06. 1999
07. Little Red Corvette
Encore 2
Prince at the sampler . . .
08. When  Doves Cry / Nasty Girl / The Most Beautiful Girl In The World / Screams of Passion / Alphabet Street / Hot Thing /

Darling Nikki / Black Sweat / I Would Die 4 U
09. Kiss
Disc 3:
Encore 3
01. The Bird
02. Jungle Love
03. A Love Bizarre w/ Nikka Costa
04. crowd
Encore 4
05. If Eye Was Ur Girlfriend
06. Insatiable
07. Scandalous
08. Adore
09. crowd (crowd does the wave)
Encore 5
10. Pass The Peas (Maceo and the band)
11. Controversy

A very great long show. Prince definitely working hard. Supposedly the last one of the run. Many memorable and unique moments. Check out Purple Rain. Lots of guitar. Lots of Maceo. One or two more great encores could have maybe brought the show up to the level of 4/14, but alas it didn't happen. Still a fine ending to a great run of shows. (more..) -Original

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