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O{+> [2007.09.21] The Concert & The Aftershow

'The Concert & The Aftershow' (4CD Set)
'For Your Memories Volume 21'
21 Nights in London : O²verload Records
02 Arena, London, England
Friday September 21st, 2007

Very Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3  <--NME

Track List:
Disc 1:
-O2 Arena: The Concert
01 Intro
02 I Feel For You
03 Controversy
04 Somewhere Here On Earth
05 Cream
06 U Got The Look
07 Musicology
08 Chelsea Rodgers
09 Le Freak-Sexy Dancer
10 A Love Bizarre
11 Pass The Peas
12 Diamonds And Pearls
13 The Beautiful Ones
14 Little Red Corvette
15 I Would Die 4 U
16 Under The Cherry Moon
17 Sometimes It Snows In April
18 Purple Rain
19 Take Me With U
20 Guitar
21 Kiss
22 Let's Go Crazy
Disc 2:
01 1999
02 Nothing Compares 2 U
03 Sampler Medley
04 When U Were Mine
05 Girls And Boys

-The Aftershow: - indigO2, London
Disc 3:
01 Instrumental Intro
02 Love Is A Losing Game
03 7
04 Come Together
05 Honky Tonk Women
06 Rock Steady
07 Whole Lotta Love
08 Shhh
09 All The Critics Love U In London
10 Sexy Dancer/Le Freak
11 Chelsea Rogers
Disc 4:
01 Misty Blue
02 Baby Love
03 Love Changes (excerpt)
04 Kiss (excerpt)
05 Alphabet St (incl. Funky Music)
06 Get On The Boat
07 Love Rollercoaster
08 Play That Funky Music
09 Audience (cut short) + Prince speech
10 Anotherloverholenyohead / Rock Lobster
11 Villanova Junction
12 Peach
13 Stratus
14 The Question Of U / The One / Fallin'
15 What Have You Done For Me Lately
16 Partyman
17 It's Alright

Nite 21: On entry to the arena everyone was given a purple glow stick, which made for a nice purple effect during the show, the finale of the mammoth 21 nites stint. After the first "false end" to the concert people in the upper tiers began throwing their glow sticks down onto the lower tiers. When O{+> was performing the sampler set encore a glow stick was thrown from the floor section and appeared to hit him (or his stool). He simply ignored it and proceeded with the funk - however on entry to the aftershow security were confiscating all glow sticks… Before the sampler set encore, The Twinz were wheeled to the stage sitting on top of the equipment box that O{+> used to be transported in, to and from the stage. When all 3 took the stage O{+> had "21" spray-painted in red on the back of his white jacket by The Twinz to mark the event. For the final encore O{+> walked to the stage through the crowd (like he did for the very first nite).

When O{+> announced his summer residency at London's O2 Arena fans all over Europe began working out how many shows they could attend. A small group of friends wondered how many they could record. The idea took hold and it was decided to attempt to record every single show. -Original

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