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Led Zeppelin [1975.03.19] Snow Jobs (EVSD) [SBD]

Led Zeppelin
'Snow Jobs'
(EVSD 403 / 404 / 405)
2006 Empress Valley Supreme Disc)
Coliseum, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Wednesday March 19th, 1975

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
01 - Rock And Roll
02 - Sick Again
03 - Over The Hills And Far Away
04 - In My Time Of Dying
05 - The Song Remains The Same
06 - The Rain Song
07 - Kashmir
Disc 2:
01 - No Quarter
02 - Trampled Underfoot
03 - Moby Dick
Disc 3:
01 - Dazed And Confused (includes Woodstock)
02 - Stairway To Heaven
03 - Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge
04 - Black Dog

This is something like a prelude to the following evening's show. The playing is on top form and overall all the songs were performed with furiosity. Pagey is in decent form tonight, with especially fine playing on Sick Again, In My Time Of Dying and The Song Remains The Same; Plant is not in fine form, though, with his best vocals coming from the songs that demanded the least from him, such as No Quarter and Whole Lotta Love; Bonham does bring the bang, with awesome drumming on Over The Hills And Far Away, Kashmir and Trampled Underfoot. Ironically, it is Jones that makes this show awesome, with amazing bass playing and great keyboards from start to finish. Kashmir was dedicated to "...Richard Cole, our tour manager - a good upright British citizen" and Dazed And Confused to "...our manager, Peter Grant, who's made so many things possible. He's the man who gives us the blow job in the dressing room". Obviously the whole band had a great time during these two Vancouver shows.
The two concerts in Vancouver are almost cancelled, due to a strike by radio station CKLG-FM.

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