Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Human League [1980.11.23] Kant Kino, Berlin (1 File) [FM]

Don't you want me baby?
Don't you want me ooooh? That's me singing LoL!

The Human League
Kant Kino, Berlin, Germany
Sunday November 23, 1980

Remastered FM Broadcast Recording (Not very good)
(All in one (1) MP3 File : 135 MB)
Playing Time - 59:16
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Take On The World
The Path Of Least Resistance
Only After Dark
Dreams Of Leaving
Austerity Girl
I Am The Law
Boys & Girls
Life Kills
The Word Before Last
Crow And A Baby
The Black Hit Of Space
Almost Medieval
Circus Of Death

A show that proved very popular on broadcast, and afterwards. There are very few quality live recordings of The Human League and almost nothing from their early days. This one in particular is one of those where the historical value of the gig makes it worth presenting, even if the sound quality is less than perfect. This took a lot of tweaking, to say the least - but its popularity I guess means that people enjoyed it! I think its the best you'll hear them from this time.
Please note that unfortunately the last encore track, Empire State human, wasn't present in the files I received and is therefore missing from this set. -Original

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