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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Pink Floyd [1969.09.17] Complete Concertgebow 1969 [SBD]

Pink Floyd
'Complete Concertgebouw 1969'
(2001 Free Range Pigs : FRP CDR-007/008)
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wednesday September 17th, 1969

This is the complete soundboard source
as recorded by Hilversum 3 Radio.

Soundboard Recording
Excellent Stereo Recording
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc One:
Part 1 - The Man
01. Introduction                          1:00
02. Daybreak                              8:11
03. Work                                  3:53
04. Teatime                               3:34
05. Afternoon                             5:13
06. Doing It                              4:03
07. Sleep                                 4:37
08. Nightmare                             9:14
09. Daybreak (Part Two)                   1:21
Disc Two:
Part 2 - The Journey
01. The Beginning                         4:55
02. Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep    6:27
03. The Narrow Way                        5:13
04. The Pink Jungle                       4:48
05. The Labyrinths Of Auximenes           6:39
06. Behold The Temple Of Light            5:31
07. The End Of The Beginning              6:54

Very cool, very eclectic show. Some awesome psychedelia here. An excellent recording that lent itself well to the remastering process. Some of the audience passages were really loud compared to the show material
and that was evened out.The low end on the original was a bit out of control and the high-end was dull. Now the whole thing is much more accurate in range, and digitally maximized. It's almost as if you were there. -Original

This is great. It's mainly instrumental, but they're in riveting, mind-bogglingly great quality. Gilmour sounds etheral on "Green Is The Colour", as usual (also the arrangement with the piano makes this one of the best live performances of the song ever), and the performance of Careful With That Axe is simply one of my
favorites. The "vocals" in this one sound great too, but admittedly Roger's whispering in the Pompeii version sounds better than the noise he makes in this. Gilmour makes up for that with his singing on the track, though.
I cannot stress this enough. If there is one bootleg you MUST have, it is the Complete Concertgebouw concert. As a standalone album, this can take on some other Pink Floyd albums I could name and win. -Tenniru (

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