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Led Zeppelin - Brutal Artistry 'The Alternate Physical Graffiti' [SBD]

Led Zeppelin
'Brutal Artistry'
The Alternate Physical Graffiti
(1997 Midas Touch : 72731/2/3)

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Triple-CD set of various outtakes, demos and rehearsals from the creation of the "Physical Graffiti" double album. Disc One consists of various demo/rehearsal takes recorded at Headley Grange Studios in 1974; Disc Two is a single track, the complete recording of Jimmy Page's "Swan Song"; and Disc Three is a series of outtakes from the album's recording sessions.

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1: (Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, U.K. 1974)
01. The Wanton Song 1
02. The Wanton Song 2
03. Take Me Home
04. In The Morning
05. Trampled Underfoot (various takes)
06. In The Morning 2
07. Sick Again
08. The Rover (acoustic version)
09. Untitled Instrumental
10. In My Time Of Dying (various takes)
Disc 2: (Headley Grange Studios, Hampshire, U.K. 1974)
01. Swan Song (unreleased Page only instrumental full version) [Time 01:02:02]
Disc 3: (Outtakes from 'Physical Graffiti')
01. Ten Years Gone (Page demo)
02. The Wanton Song (alternate take)
03. Trampled Underfoot (alternate mix full version with count in, higher vocals and no overdubs)
04. Kashmir (full version instrumental with count in and no overdubs)
05. Custard Pie (alternate full version, no overdubs with different extended harmonica solo)
06. In The Light (alternate mix full version with different lyrics and no overdubs)
07. Swan Song (full instrumental final mix segment 1)
08. Swan Song (full instrumental final mix segment 2)

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