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Kiss [1990.09.15] Crimes Of Passion (G.R.) [FM+AUD]

'Crimes Of Passion'
San Diego Sports Arena
San Diego, California, USA
September 15th, 1990 : Good Audience Recording 

Bonus from:
  -Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
  -October 5th, 1984 : Excellent Radio Clyde FM Master Recording.

This is in the Godfather Records' box set titled 'Mark V'.

FM + AUD Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Disc 1:
- San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, California
- September 15th, 1990 - Good Audience Recording
01 Intro
02 I Stole Your Love
03 Deuce
04 Heaven’s On Fire
05 Crazy Crazy Nights
06 Black Diamond
07 Shout It Out Loud
08 Strutter
09 Calling Dr. Love
10 I Was Made For Lovin' You
11 Rise To It
12 Fits Like A Glove
13 Hide Your Heart
14 Lick It Up
15 God Of Thunder
16 Solo Eric Carr
17 Forever
Disc 2:
01 Cold Gin
02 Tears Are Falling
03 I Love It Loud
04 Love Gun
05 Detroit Rock City
06 I Want You
07 Rock And Roll All Nite
- Apollo Theatre , Glasgow, Scotland
- October 5th, 1984
- Excellent "Radio Clyde" FM Master Recording
08 Detroit Rock City
09 Strutter
10 Fits Like A Glove
11 Heaven’s On Fire
12 War Machine
13 I’ve Had Enough (Into The Fire)
14 Young And Wasted [lead vocals by Eric Carr]
15 I Still Love You
16 Lick It Up
17 Rock And Roll All Nite

Gene Simmons - Paul Stanley - Eric Carr - Bruce Kulick.

NOTES on San Diego:
“For the Hot In The Shade Tour KISS reached even deeper in their archives than on the latter part of the previous tour and came up with a two hour set full of classics spanning their entire career. The setlist turned the show into a juke box and had songs popping up out of nowhere with ‘Black Diamond’ early in the set instead of being the ultimate final song of the show. ‘Shout It Out Loud’ coming in early, opening with the long lost ‘I Stole Your Love’, adding ‘I Want You’ to the set as an encore after a 13 year absence and ‘Detroit Tock city’ as closer of the main set. -Original

NOTES on Glasgow:
A little dry sounding, but well-balanced and clear so that everything can be heard perfectly, Paul's voice is in particularly fine form soaring thoughout the show. Always a treat to hear Eric Carr sing "Young And Wasted" performed live, which they simply rip into with nuclear force!!
This is a fantastic recording in fact, mainly because KISS give a great performance, they all sound really hyped-up, just listen to "Lick It Up", you don't often hear this song played with this kind of energy. -Original

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