Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Various Artists - 20 of Another Kind (Vol.2) [SBD]

Various Artists
'20 of Another Kind (Vol.2)'

Studio Recordings
Sourced from 12 Inch Vinyl LP
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Vinyl Artwork Included)
01. The Jam        strange town
02. Tubeway Army        down in the park
03. the Cure        boys don't cry
04. Twist            ads
05. the Chords        now it's gone
06. Sham 69        no entry
07. Patrik Fitzgerald        all sewn up
08. Protex            I can't cope
09. the Invaders        best thing I ever did (new future)
10. Purple Hearts        millions like us
01. Sham 69        Hersham boys
02. the Lurkers        out in the dark
03. Twist            this is your life
04. the Headboys        the shape of things to come
05. the Jam        the butterfly collector
06. Patrik Fitzgerald        improve myself
07. the Invaders        girls in action
08. the Carpettes        lost love
09. Xdreamysts        bad news
10. Gary Numan        tracks

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