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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Robert Plant & Phil Collins - The Inside Track With Lisa Robinson [SBD] FLAC + MP3

Robert Plant & Phil Collins
'The Inside Track With Lisa Robinson'
D.I.R. Broadcasting Corp.
Broadcast Date: August 1983

Original Pre-FM Vinyl 12'' LPs
Encoded: FLAC + MP3@320

Track Listings: (Cue Sheets & Labels Included)
Side A: Original Air date: August 1983
A1. Tony Pig Radio Intro
A2. Commercial Block - Heineken
A3. Lisa Robinson Robert Plant Intro
A4. "I'm calling the tune." (The Song Remains The Same)
A5. "Cause I'm a big boy." (The Song Remains The Same / Burning Down One Side)
A6. "It was a nice way of doing things, actually.." (Burning Down One Side / Other Arms)
A7. Segment Break (Other Arms)
A8. Commercial Block - Heineken

Side B: Original Air date: August 1983
B1. Segment Intro
B2. "We must have gone through about four hundred drummers..." (Wreckless Love)
B3. "I think that we possess something that he can't get." (Wreckless Love / Big Log - Misidentified as "Bil Log" on Cue Sheet)
B4. "He was the best, obviously." (Big Log / D'Yer Maker - Misidentified as "O'Yer Maker" on Cue Sheet)
B5. Segment Break (D'Yer Maker)
B6. Commercial Block - Heineken

Side C: Original Air date: August 1983
C1. "The answer is, I don't know." (Living Loving Maid)
C2. "I want to warm up for England." (Living Loving Maid / Trampled  Under Foot)
C3. "If people want to know what I'm like... this is what I'm like." (Trampled  Under Foot / In The Mood)
C4. Segment Break (In The Mood)
C5. Commercial Block - Heineken

Side D: Original Air date: August 1983
D1. Lisa Robinson Phil Collins Intro
D2. "I don't mind making that compromise..." (Like China)
D3. "I think it's the chemistry." (Like China / I Missed Again)
D4. Segment Break (I Missed Again)
D5. Commercial Block - Heineken

Side E: Original Air date: August 1983
E1. "We all have very strong impressions of what the Zeppelin Camp is like." (No Reply At All - Live)
E2. "One of the things that I dabble in is Genesis." (No Reply At All - Live)
E3. Segment Break
E4. Commercial Block - Heineken
E5. End Credits
E6. Radio Promo Spot
E7. Robert Plant Promo Spot
E8. Phil Collins Promo Spot

Lisa Robinson meets with and chronicles the careers of Phil Collins and Robert Plant separately and discusses their lives and music. Like the other Inside Track specials, this recording also sounds as if Robinson is in the same room at the same time with the artists. The show contains commercials and studio tracks from several of Phil's and Robert's albums. Phil's portion of the show is the last segment of the show on sides D and E. Side F is blank. A rare and hard to find gem. -Original

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