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Pink Floyd - Studio Archives & Other Dreams 1967-1972 [SBD] FLAC + MP3

Pink Floyd
'Studio Archives & Other Dreams (1967-1972)' 

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Excellent Sound Quality
Encoded: FLAC + MP3@320

Track List:
01 - Breathe In The Air (Demo, 2/17/70)
02 - On The Run (Demo, 2/17/70)
03 - On The Run (Outtake, Abbey Road Studios, London, 11/72)
04 - Time (Demo, Abbey Road Studios, London, 06/72)
05 - Money (Acoustic Demo, '72)
06 - Us & Them (Demo, Abbey Road Studios, London, 06/72)
07 - Brain Damage...Eclipse (Demo, Abbey Road Studios, London, 06/72)
08 - Embryo (Top Gear Session, 1/14/70)
09 - Point Me In The Sky (Top Gear Session, 06/25/68)
10 - Brain Damage (Outtake Pt 1, Abbey Road Studios, London, 11/72)
11 - Brain Damage (Outtake Pt 2, Abbey Road Studios, London, 11/72)
12 - One Of These Days (Studio Demo #1, '71)
13 - One Of These Days (Studio Demo #2, '71)
14 - Free Four (Us Promo Single '72)
15 - Fearless (Mono Mix Us Promo )
16 - Candy (Demo Version)
17 - Scarecrow (Syd Barrett BBC Broadcast '67)
18 - Corporal Cleg (Belgian Video Version '68)
19 - Bob Dylan Blues (Syd Barrett Demo)
20 - Late Night (Sid Barrett Without Vocal, 5/28/68)
21 - On The Road Again (Soundcheck, Praterstadion, Wien, 07/01/88)

From Richie Unterberger on
"While this RoIO is something of a grab bag of material from numerous sources, mostly from the years 1967-1973, the sound quality is very good, and some of the tracks not common even to unauthorized releases.

Of most interest are the numerous studio demos and outtakes with early version of songs from Dark Side of the Moon, even though it seems like the February 17, 1970 dates given for demos of "Breathe in the Air" and "On the Run" are awfully early. Those two particular recordings are more rock-oriented, straightforward, and less technologically ornate than the familiar official ones. But the 1972 demos/outtakes are closer in nature to the Dark Side of the Moon productions -- less ornate and polished, certainly, but with the structures and arrangements nearly complete. The acoustic guitar-and-voice demo of "Money" is an exception.

Also mixed in are superb-fidelity BBC radio renditions of "Embryo" and "Point Me in the Sky"; a odd pair of "studio demos" of "One of These Days" that use ugly distorted voices in the mix; a 1972 "US Promo Single" version of "Free Four"; and a mono mix of "Fearless."

Going back to the Syd Barrett era and its immediate aftermath, there's also a demo version of "Candy and a Currant Bun," a BBC airshot of "Scarecrow," a "Belgian video version" of "Corporal Clegg," Barrett's demo "Bob Dylan Blues," and a recording of Barrett's "Late Night" with the "original backing track without vocal."

In the only chronologically jarring entry, there's also a 1988 soundcheck of "On the Road Again" -- yes, the old blues song made into a hit by Canned Heat in the late 1960s.

Even considering this is a RoIO, it would be nice if there were notes explaining just how these songs differ from both official versions and other performances of the tunes floating around; even serious Pink Floyd fans will likely have a hard time identifying all the specific variations. Otherwise, however, it's well packaged in both its graphics and fidelity aspects." -Original

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