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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Gang Of Four [1995.10.27] Studio 105, Paris, France [FM]

Gang Of Four
Studio 105
Maison De La Radio
Paris, France
October 27th, 1995

The Stonecutter Collection Vol. 132
FM Broadcast Recording
DAT 1st Gen Cassette
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

This is the complete broadcast with the French DJ with the intro and outro.
This was a Studio Concert and a FM Broadcast of the Black Sessions
If you like the Gang of Four, then you'll enjoy this radio performance. -Original

Track List:
01 DJ Introduction
02 World Falls Apart
03 Not Great Men
04 I Parade Myself
05 Paralyzed
06 If I Could Keep It For Myself
07 Unburden
08 Anthrax
09 Return The Gift
10 To Hell With Poverty
11 Showtime, Valentine
12 We Live As We Dream Alone
13 At Home He Feels Like A Tourist
14 F.M. U.S.A.
15 Ether

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