Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Derek & The Dominos - Nudity (The Lost Radle Tapes) [SBD]

Derek & The Dominos
'Nudity' (2CD)
The Lost Radle Tapes
(Mid Valley : MV 047/048)

Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1: The Lost Radle Tapes
01. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Alternate Vocal Take #1)
02. Have You Ever Loved A Woman (Alternate Vocal Take #2)
03. Bell Bottom Blues (Previously Unreleased)
04.Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (False Start #1)
05. Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (Alternate Vocal Take #2)
06. Keep On Growing (Instrumental)
07. I Looked Away (Alternate Vocal Take #1)
08. Tell The Truth (Backing Track Jam)
09. Tell The Truth (Alternate Vocal Take #1)
10. I Looked Away (Rough Mix)
11. Jam #1 (Instrumental)
12. Nobody Knows You (When You're Down And Out) (Instrumental)
13. Bell Bottom Blues (Instrumental)

Disc 2: The Lost Radle Tapes, Jams, and Layla
01. Anyday (Alternate Take)
02. Jam (Instrumental)
03. Jam (Instrumental)
04. Layla (Original Mix)
05. Layla (Crossroads Box Set Mix)
06. Layla ("20th Anniversary Edition" Remix)
07. Layla (Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Mix)
08. Layla (Japanese 3-Inch Single Edit Version)

Hard to assign a sound rating here - most of the tracks sound as though they were recorded with a microphone in the studio, or perhaps in the playback booth, so while not truly a soundboard, they are better than an "audience" rating would indicate, with just a touch of room echo. Of interest here are the different released versions of "Layla", it's quite interesting to compare them. Another excellent Mid Valley release.

Nudity features The Lost Radle Tapes, which are said to be tapes made from the monitor by or for Carl Radle from the time the sessions were done. If they were reference tapes, it is uncertain if they were actually direct feeds or a microphone recording from studio monitors, which most of it sounds like. Nonetheless, it is a chance to hear the Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs in a way that was never heard, even on The Layla Sessions box set. Speaking of the box, the packaging of Nudity is made to look and feel like the box set, down to the style of fonts used. The last five songs are every existing mix made for the song "Layla", from the original mix with separated stereo mixing to a mastering made by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab (MFSL) to an edit made for a Japanese 3 inch CD. Five mixes of "Layla" total. The three instrumental jam sessions are major highlights too. -Original

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