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Beatles, The - Jimmy Nicol And The Beatles [SBD]

The Beatles
'Jimmy Nicol And The Beatles'
(1995 Desperado Records : DP1)

Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Booklet + Artwork Included)
01 Jimmy Nicol rehearsal
02 News Report
03 She Loves You (Nederland, The Beatles In Nederland)
04 All My Loving (Nederland, The Beatles In Nederland)
05 Twist And Shout (Nederland, The Beatles In Nederland)
06 Roll Over Beethoven (Nederland, The Beatles In Nederland)
07 Long Tall Sally (Nederland, The Beatles In Nederland)
08 Can't Buy Me Love (Nederland 1, The Beatles In Nederland)
09 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Copenhagen, 4th June 1964)
10 All My Loving (Copenhagen, 4th June 1964)
11 She Loves You (Copenhagen, 4th June 1964)
12 Till There Was You (Copenhagen, 4th June 1964)
13 Roll Over Beethoven (Copenhagen, 4th June 1964)
14 Can't Buy Me Love (Copenhagen, 4th June 1964)
15 This Boy (Copenhagen, 4th June 1964)
16 Introduction (Copenhagen Evening Show, 4th June 1964)
17 Twist And Shout (Copenhagen Evening Show, 4th June 1964)
18 Interview (Hillegom, Nederland 1, The Beatles In Nederland)
19 I Saw Her Standing There (Blokker, 6th June 1964)
20 I Saw Her Standing There (Blokker, 6th June 1964)
21 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Blokker, 6th June 1964)
22 All My Loving (Blokker, 6th June 1964)
23 She Loves You (Blokker, 6th June 1964)
24 I Saw Her Standing There (Adelaide, 12th June 1964)
25 All My Loving (Adelaide, 12th June 1964)
26 She Loves You (Adelaide, 12th June 1964)
27 Till There Was You (Adelaide, 12th June 1964)
28 Roll Over Beethoven (Adelaide, 12th June 1964)
29 Can't Buy Me Love (Adelaide, 12th June 1964)
30 Farewell To Jimmy

Released in 1995, Jimmy Nichol And The Beatles is a bootleg
compilation CD of the moment in 1964 when Jimmy Nicol temporarily
replaced Ringo Starr as a drummer, when he had tonsillitis pharyngitis,
which lead to him having to get his tonsils removed. Starr and the lads
were to go on tour when he fainted during a photo shoot, leading a need
to find a replacement. Producer George Martin had worked with Jimmy
Nicol on recording sessions, including a Beatle knock-off record, and he
became a Beatle, at least for thirteen days. He traveled to Denmark,
Netherlands, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. (More...) -Original

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