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Alice Cooper - Studio Demos 1970-1973 [SBD]

Alice Cooper
'Studio Demos 1970-1973' (No Label)
Demos for Love It To Death, Killer, Muscle of Love albums. 

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Disc 1:
Love It To Death Segment:
Track 101. Fields of Regret
Track 102. I’m Eighteen
Track 103. Black Juju
Track 104. Is It My Body #1
Track 105. Is It My Body/My Very Own #2
Track 106. Second Coming
Track 107. Sun Arise
Track 108. Instrumental Jam
Killer Segment:
Track 109. Be My Lover #1
Track 110. Be My Lover #2
Track 111. Halo of Flies
Track 112. Desert Night Thing #1
Track 113. Desert Night Thing #2
Track 114. You Drive Me Nervous #1 [Partial]
Track 115. You Drive Me Nervous #2
Track 116. You Drive Me Nervous #3
Track 117. You Drive Me Nervous #4
Track 118. Killer
Disc 2:
School’s Out Segment:
Track 201. School’s Out
Track 202. Luney Tune #1 [Partial]
Track 203. Luney Tune
Track 204. Gutter Cat vs The Jets
Track 205. Blue Turk
Track 206. My Stars #1 [Partial]
Track 207. My Stars #2
Track 208. Public Animal #9
Muscle Of Love Segment:
Track 209. Never Been Sold Before #1 [Partial]
Track 210. Never Been Sold Before #2
Track 211. Hard Hearted Alice #1 [Partial]
Track 212. Hard Hearted Alice #2
Track 213. Workin’ Up A Sweat
Track 214. No Respect For The Sleepers
[Different from version on The Life + Crimes of Alice Cooper boxset]
Track 215. Man With The Golden Gun
Track 216. Teenage Lament ‘74
Track 217. Woman Machine
Track 218. Baby Please Don’t Stop

Without doubt the most significant Alice Cooper collection to have emerged in recent years, this two-CD set is precisely what it says on the label - demos for (or possibly outtakes from) four of the five albums that ensured the Cooper band’s megastardom between 1971 and 1973 - that is, Love It To Death, Killer, School’s Out and Muscle Of Love. (No Billion Dollar Babies. Shame!) -Original

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