Friday, 27 April 2018

Cure, The - Getting Old (Unofficial 12'' Vinyl) [SBD] FLAC + MP3

The Cure
'Getting Old'
(Not on label)
12" Vinyl LP : Unofficial Release

SBD + Excellent Audience Recordings
Great Sound Quality
Total Playing Time 44:03
Encoded: FLAC + MP3

Rare unofficial compilation release.
2 tracks from the John Peel Sessions in 1979.
8 tracks recorded at The Marquee, London, March 1979.
4 tracks from the Midnight Express show in july 1983.

Track List: (Artwork Included)
A1 - Desperate Journalist   
A2 - Subway Song    
A3a - Object
A3b - Foxy Lady
A4 - Meathook    
A5 - 3 Imaginary Boys    
A6 - Boys Don't Cry    
A7 - Handsome (Do The Hansa) [Unreleased]   
A8 - 10:15 Saturday Night
B1 - Figurehead    
B2 - M    
B3 - Drowning Man    
B4 - One Hundred Years

A1-A2 - John Peel 1979
A3-A8 - 1979-03-11 - Marquee Club, London, UK [1st. known recording]
B1-B4 - 1983-07-27 - Midnight Express, Bournemouth, UK

Some interesting versions. 'Desperate Journalist' is 'Grinding halt' with improvised lyrics, against a stupid review on their music.
It is a part of the first known recording of an early live show. Very good atmosphere and great live versions of old songs.
Unmentioned on the cover, track 3 also has 'Foxy Lady' after 'Object'. I have cut these tracks and called them 3A and 3B.

Side 2 is part of one of the 3 shows The Cure did in 1983.
After the split up in 1982, they took a break for almost a year.
Robert Smith started it up again with Laurence Tolhurst and Phil Tornally and Andy Anderson were added for live performances.

This recording is untouched, no clean-ups, no noise reduction, no cuts in pauzes between songs on the record, I wanted to keep close to the sensation of 'playing a record'. -INC (Original)

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