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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Clash, The [1982.02.25] The Complete Show In China [FM]

The Clash
'The Complete Show'
Academic Community Hall
Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong, China
Thursday February 25th, 1982

FM Broadcast Recording
Radio Hong Kong (864 AM)
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01.  Radio introduction
02.  Stage introduction
03.  London Calling
04.  Washington Bullets (edit)
05.  Tommy Gun (edit)
06.  Guns Of Brixton
07.  Train in Vain
08.  Know Your Rights
09.  Magnificent 7
10.  Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
11.  White Man in Hammersmith Palais (edit)
12.  Wrong ‘em Boyo
13.  Koka Kola
14.  Broadway
15.  I Fought The Law
16.  Career Opportunities
17.  Janie Jones
18.  Call Up
19.  Brand New Cadillac
20.  Someone Got Murdered
21.  Clampdown
22.  1st encore break
23.  Charlie Don’t Surf
24.  Police And Thieves
25.  Stay Free
26.  Armagideon Time
27.  Safe European Home
28.  2nd encore break
29.  Jimmy Jazz
30.  Complete Control
31.  English Civil War
32.  Police on My Back
33.  Garageland
34.  3rd encore break
35.  Clash City Rockers
36.  Spanish Bombs
37.  I'm So Bored with the USA
38.  London's Burning
39.  Bankrobber
40.  Backstage Interview (Time 16:37)

Joe Strummer - vocals, guitar
Mick Jones - vocals, guitar
Paul Simonon - bass
Topper Headon - drums

An incomplete version of this show - ending after Safe European Home - has circulated for many years and was posted to Dime most recently in 2012. This version surfaced last year
and was digitized and circulated by users at the Clash City message boards.

This version includes the full broadcast from that night, including 10 extra songs, a lengthy radio introduction while the announcers wait for the Clash to take the stage (track 1), and an interview
conducted backstage after the show. At 34 songs it is one of the longest (maybe the longest) Clash shows. Unfortunately, 3 songs (Washington Bullets, Tommy Gun, and White Man in
Hammersmith Palais) are truncated due to the radio announcer talking over the music. This was also present on the earlier circulating source.
All other songs are complete. The crowd was apparently very rowdy that night and there are numerous adlibs and breaks between songs due to Joe Strummer trying to stop fights or calm the audience down. -Original

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