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Friday, 9 March 2018

Motley Crue [1983.05.29] US Festival '83 (1 MP3 File) [SBD]

My interview with Tommy Lee:
Hey sup? Do you believe that the twist of fate that got your band to play the US'83 Festival was the 'factor' that brought you out of obscurity into 'super stardom'?
Tommy: Hey (burrrp!) Mark what's up; you're looking like shit!
Pfft! you're one to talk you piece of shit!
Tommy: Well, to your question.... Yes, indeed-dee-do it did. The strangest things can happen I-tells-ya!
Oh, and one last thing.... The story about your son beating the shit out of you is all over the news; anything to say?
Tommy: Mind your own fuckin' business assholes!

Motley Crue
US Festival '83 (1 Single MP3 File)
Too Fast For Love Tour
Glen Helen Regional Park
San Bernardino, California, USA
Sunday May 29th, 1983

Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Motley Crue was never supposed to be a part of Heavy Metal Day at the US Festival in 1983. But, at the last minute, Quiet Riot was unable to perform, and Motley Crue was recruited to fill in as the opening act.

Track List: (1 File / 108 MB / 320 Kbps MP3 / Time 47:27)
01. Take Me To The Top
02. Looks That Kill
03. Bastard
04. Shout At The Devil
05. Merry-Go-Round
06. Knock 'Em Dead Kid
07. Piece Of Your Action
08. Live Wire
09. Helter Skelter [The Beatles cover]

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