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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Kiss - The Complete The Elder Sessions 1981 (Upgrade) [SBD]

The Complete The Elder Sessions 1981 (Upgraded Version)
Recorded in several studios in Toronto, NYC and Wilton

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: VBR MP3 

Track List:
Disc One: (Demos & Rehearsals)
01- Instrumental (take #1)
02- Heaven / Breakout (Instrumental take #1)
03- The Unknown Force (Instrumental take #1)
04- I Want You Only (A World Without Heroes demo Alt. Lyrics)
05- Its My Life (Instrumental)
06- Instrumental (take #2)
07- The Unknown Force (Instrumental take #2)
08- A World Without Heroes (Instrumental)
09- Don't Run (Dark Light demo)
10- Heaven / Breakout (Instrumental take #2)
11- The Council Of The Elder (demo)
12- Just A Boy (demo)
13- Nowhere To Run (demo)

Disc Two: (The Making of 'Just A Boy')
01->12- Just A Boy (Takes 1->12)

These sessions has been released (or not) through the years on different formats, sources...
I have reunited them on the same support and gave them a new youth by upgrading the sound.
The first CD gives the opportunity to hear pre-production sessions, with KISS jamming with ideas that mostly won't be used for the album. Ace Frehley didn't really take part of this process and only proposed one track recorded in his studio 'Don't Run', that will become 'Dark Light'.
Another curiosity is this 'It's My Life' recording, a track that will end years after on the Wendy O'Williams album produced by Gene Simmons. This track will finally be recorded by the band for 'Psycho Circus' but won't be used for the album (we will discover the final version on the KISS boxset).

The second CD is a great view of the evolution of 'Just A Boy', presenting the different states of arrangement session after session. For completist only.
These more dynamic versions have never circulated, excepting in my home. Enjoy KISS ARMY !! -Original

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