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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Led Zeppelin [1973.05.13] Goin' Mobile (Midas Touch) [SBD] FLAC + MP3

Led Zeppelin
'Goin' Mobile'
(1996 Midas Touch : 61921/2)
9th US Tour : First Leg
Municipal Auditorium
Mobile, Alabama, USA
Sunday May 13th, 1973

Stereo Soundboard Recording
Remastered and Speed Corrected.
Encoded: FLAC +MP3@320

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
01. Rock And Roll
02. Celebration Day
03. Black Dog
04. Over The Hills And Far Away
05. Misty Mountain Hop
06. Since I've Been Loving You
07. No Quarter
08. The Song Remains The Same
09. The Rain Song
Disc 2:
01. Dazed And Confused
02. Stairway To Heaven
03. Moby Dick

'Heartbreaker' & 'Whole Lotta Love' were played but not recorded and/or released. ...just sayin'

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