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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Smiths, The [1983.11.24] The Hacienda, Manchester FLAC + MP3

The Smiths
The Hacienda
Manchester, England
Thursday November 24th, 1983

Good Audience Recording
Dream Remaster
Encoded: FLAC File Format

Track List:
01 - "Hello You Ugly Devils"
02 - Handsome Devil
03 - Still Ill
04 - This Charming Man
05 - Pretty Girls Make Graves
06 - Reel Around The Fountain
07 - Miserable Lie
08 - Guitar Tuning
09 - This Night Has Opened My Eyes
10 - "Does Anyone Have Anything To Say"
11 - What Difference Does It Make
12 - Hand In Glove
13 - You've Got Everything Now
14 - "Thank You Friends"
15 - These Things Take Time
16 - This Charming Man
17 - "Take This Now"
18 - Accept Yourself
19 - Hand In Glove

This is one of the best concerts of this period. The new Manchester heroes returned home to play before a crowd of 1500 fans who packed the Hacienda to full capacity. Many had brought flowers, the place was drowning in them and there was a heavy perfume in the air. The Smiths had just returned from their first appearance on Top Of The Pops so it was quite late when they came on, but they were still received as heroes. Frank Worrall, from the Melody Maker: "Even before they took the stage, girls were being pulled aside for treatment after fainting and too much screaming." The setlist featured all the songs performed by the Smiths at the time except for "Wonderful Woman".

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