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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Doors, The - Unauthorised - The Lizard King Vol.4 [SBD]

The Doors
'Unauthorised - The Lizard King Vol.4'
(1993 Banana Records : BAN-011-D)

Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 Back Door Man / Love Hides 7:10  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
02 Roadhouse Blues    5:30  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
03 When The Music's Over    19:52  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
04 People Get Ready    0:43  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
05 Medley: Train I Ride (Part 1)    3:41  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
06 Baby Please Don't Go    3:34  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
07 Train I Ride (Part 2)    13:49  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
08 Bullfrog Blues    3:12 (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
09 Break On Through    5:17  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)
10 Someday Soon / Hitler (Poem) 6:13  (Seattle, 5th June 1970)

The fact that this is one of the very few recorded shows the Doors haven’t released commercially tells you all you need to know really. Recorded by the Doors Road Manager Vince Treanor, the actual performance was an ill tempered affair with Morrison drunk and off target for most of the show. The 15,000 venue was just a third full with the crowd hostility seemingly throwing Morrison off track. Sound problems dogged the concert with long breaks between songs doing nothing to help the crowd tensions.. -Original

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