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Friday, 13 October 2017

Oasis [1998.01.17] Live In Chicago '98 (Fradoca Remaster) [SBD]

'Live In Chicago '98 (Fradoca Remaster)'
Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, IL, USA.
Saturday January 17th, 1998

Soundboard (Pre-FM) Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01 - Be Here Now
02 - Stand By Me
03 - Supersonic
04 - Roll With It
05 - D'You Know What I Mean
06 - Cigarettes & Alcohol
07 - Don't Go Away (Acoustic)
08 - Talk Tonight (Acoustic)
09 - To Be Someone (Acoustic)
10 - Slide Away (Acoustic)
11 - Don't Look Back In Anger
12 - Wonderwall
13 - Live Forever
14 - Acquiesce

Fradoca notes: (Fradoca Remastered Version)
This recording comes from a pre-FM CD that a radio station in the USA used to broadcast these tracks from the Chicago show with some interview with Noel.
I've cut out the interviews between songs, I've done some cross fades in the right places, removed 2 or 3 flaws that were in the original recording.
Then I adjusted the eq (the sound was too mid-ranged), brought transients back to life, improved the stereo separation and maximized the overall sound the L3. -Original

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