Thursday, 10 August 2017

Robert Plant [1988.05.23] Pre-FM Masters (Philadelphia) [Pre-FM]

Robert Plant
'Pre-FM Masters'
Westwood One: Superstar Concert Series
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Monday May 23rd, 1988

Soundboard Recording
Original Master Reels
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Assorted Artwork Included)
101 - Helen of Troy
102 - Other Arms
103 - Billy's Revenge
104 - In the Evening
105 - In the Mood
106 - Black Country Woman
107 - Ship of Fools
108 - Dimples/Boogie Chillun/Dimples (Reprise)
109 - Trampled Under Foot
110 - Heaven Knows
111 - Misty Mountain Hop
112 - Band Introduction
113 - Tall Cool One

- Removed unnecessary and excessive crowd cheer.
- Removed a few of Plant's 'whoos' and 'alrights' after the songs that overly extended the track length.
- There was a drop-out at 2:01 of 'Ship of Fools'. I cut it out, but there remains a tape warble and glitch at 2:00 in the song.

Tranehead's notes: These are the RAW recordings, before editing and adding station ID's etc. In other words, these are the tapes before the broadcast version was put together, NOT the pre-FM LP or CD master that was used for final broadcast. Maybe they should be called the PRE-PRE-FM masters!
In some cases, a song will start and then suddenly stop and restart. That is on the original master reels (and these cassettes) and not a defect or mistake in this or any of these torrents. Usually happening at the 30 min. mark or thereabouts, indicating (to me) that multiple reels were used to capture the entire concert. -Original

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