Saturday, 12 August 2017

Beatles, The - Unreleased [SBD]

The Beatles
Home Tapes, Concerts, Demos,
Studio Outtakes, Rehearsals, BBC Sessions
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Love of the Loved - January 1, 1962 audition Decca Records. (Decca Audition)
02. I Saw Her Standing There - Private Rehearsal, Cavern Club, Liverpool, late 1962. (For No One)
03. Bad to Me - Demo acetate mid-1963. (For No One)
04. Roll Over Beethoven - BBC session, June 24, 1963. (BBC-UB)
05. Sure to Fall (In Love With You) - BBC session, March 31, 1964. (BBC-UB)
06. A Hard Day's Night - Take 4 April 16, 1964 EMI session (The Red Light’s On)
07. I'm Happy Just to Dance with You - BBC session, July 17, 1964. (BBC-UB)
08. What You're Doing - Take 11, September 30, 1964. (The Red Light’s On)
09. I'm a Loser - BBC session, May 26, 1965 (BBC-UB)
10. That Means a Lot - Take 24 (The Red Light’s On)
11. Norwegian Wood: Take 2, October 21, 1965.  (The Red Light’s On)
12. We Can Work It Out: Paul McCartney composing tape (For No One)
13. She Said, She Said: John Lennon composing tape, early 1966 (For No One)
14. Strawberry Fields Forever: acoustic-guitar-and-voice home demo autumn 1966 (The Red Light’s On)
15. Flying: Alternate mix of te Magical Mystery Tour instrumental September 8, 1967(The Red Light’s On)
16. Back in the U.S.S.R.: George's house, late May 1968. (White Album deluxe Purple Chick)
17. I'm Just a Child of Nature: George's house, late May 1968. (White Album deluxe Purple Chick)
18. Revolution: George's house, late May 1968. (For No One)
19. I'm So Tired: Get Back/Let It Be sessions, January 3, 1969. Paul lead singer 01/03/69 (A/B Sessions PC)
20. Get Back: Get Back/Let It Be sessions, January 10, 1969. John lead singer 01/10/69 (A/B Sessions PC)
21. Besame Mucho: Get Back/Let It Be sessions, January 29, 1969. 01/29/69 (A/B Sessions PC)
22. Let It Be: Get Back/Let It Be sessions, January 26, 1969. alternate version (Get Back ‘Elektra’ acetate)
23. Something: Take 37, July 11, 1969. (Abbey Road deluxe v2 sessions (Purple Chick)
24. Oh Yoko: John and Yoko's hotel room, the Bed-in for Peace, Montreal between May 26 and June 2, 1969 (Complete Lost Lennon V12t23)
25. Nowhere to Go: demos for All Things Must Pass, circa late May 1970. (The Art of Dying (All Things Must Pass Outtakes)
26. Long Tall Sally: Candlestick Park, San Francisco, August 29, 1966. (Candlestick Park (Masterdisc)
Bonus hidden track:
27. If I Fell (live) Convention Hall, Philadelphia, September 2nd, 1964.

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