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Cure, The [1987.07.13] The Perfect Kiss [SBD]

The Cure
'The Perfect Kiss'
(1992 American Concert Series : ACS058)
The Kissing Tour - North American Leg
County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA , USA
Monday July 13th, 1987

Official tracks have been removed.
Excellent Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. The Kiss
02. Torture
03. All I Want
04. Hot! Hot! Hot1
05. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
06. Like Cockatoos
07. The Walk
08. Inbetween Days
10. Perfect Girl
12. Fight
13. Let's Go to Bed
14. One More Time
15. Shiver and Shake
16. Boys Don't Cry
17. Why Can't I Be You

This is an Italian silver bootleg that was produced in 1992, Disc number ACS058. Different versions of this show have appeared in the past.. This is not the complete show. This is an incredible sounding bootleg, it may be the entire concert, I am not sure, but just for the KMKMKM tracks it ranks up there as one of my favorite live discs. Excellent quality, it may be a radio broadcast, I am not sure. I definitely recommend this
for people interested in a good Kissing Tour boot. This is a wonderful boot from the KMKMKM era. The sound quality is top notch, except for Why Can't I Be You fades out at the very end. Of all the boots from this era, this is the best sounding. Review by Kurt. <-(Info taken from

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