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Sex Pistols - The Complete Sex Pistols Sessions 1976-77

 Sex Pistols
The Complete Sex Pistols Sessions
Outtakes / Demos / Variants 1976-77
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01 - 15th May 1976
  01-Pretty Vacant.
  02-No Feelings.
02 - 13th - 30th July 1976.
  01-Pretty Vacant.
  02-Lazy Sod (AKA Seventeen).
  04-Feelings (AKA No Feelings).
  05-Just Me (AKA I Wanna Be Me).
  07-Anarchy In The UK.
03 - 10th October 1976.
  01-Nookie (AKA Anarchy In The UK).
  02-Anarchy In The UK.
  04-No Lip.
  05-Steping Stone.
  06-Johnny B Goode.
  07-Road Runner.
  08-Watcha Gonna Do About It.
  09-Through My Eyes.
04 - 17th October 1976
  01-Anarchy In The UK.
  02-Anarchy In The UK (Rejected Version).
05 - 11th December 1976
  01-No Feelings (Inst).
  03-No Future (AKA God Save The Queen).
06 - 27th December 1976
  01-Pretty Vacant (Inst).
  02-God Save The Queen (Inst).
  03-Anarchy In The UK (Inst).
07 - 17th - 28th January 1977
  01-No Future (AKA God Save The Queen)
  03-Lots Of Fun (AKA Pretty Vacant)
  05-Who Was It (AKA EMI).
  06-New York.
08 - February 1977
  01-EMI (Demo 1).
  02-Submission (Demo).
  03-Satellite (Alt).
  04-No Feelings (Alt).
  05-Seventeen (Alt).
  06-Bodies (Alt).
  07-New York (Alt).
  08-Liar (Alt).
  09-EMI (Demo 2).
  10-Submission (Alt).

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