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Queen - Royal Rarities (3CD Collection) [3CD Set] [SBD]

'Royal Rarities'
(3CD Collection 2008)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3

A nice boot collection, good audio mostly, wonderful music on
all three discs! Actual title is 'Royal Rarities'. -BootlegZom.com


Track Lists:
Disc 1 (1996):
    Mad The Swine (Unreleased 1973)
    See What A Fool I've Been (B-Side 1974)
    We Will Rock You (Alan Freeman '77 Session)
    It's Late (Alan Freeman '77 Session)
    My Melancholy Blues (Alan Freeman '77 Session)
    Spread Your Wings (Alan Freeman '77 Session)
    A Human Body (B-Side 1980)
    Soul Brother (B-Side 1982)
    Back Chat (12" Promo Re-Mix)
    Staying Power (12" Promo Re-Mix)
    Radio Ga Ga (12" Extended Version)
    Radio Ga Ga (12" Instrumental Version)
    I Want To Break Free (12" Extended Version)
    It's A Hard Life (12" Extended Version)
Disc 2 (1996):
    Keep Passing The Open Windows (12" Extended Version)
    Man On The Prowl (12" Extended Version)
    Machines (Back To Humans) (12" Instrumental Version)
    Machines (Back To Humans) (12" Extended Version)
    I Go Crazy (B-Side 1984)
    Hammer To Fall (12" Headbanger's Mix)
    Thank God It's Christmas (12" Version)
    One Vision (12" Extended Vision)
    Silly Vision (Magic Years Excerpt)
    Blurred Vision (B-Side 1985)
    A Kind Of Magic (12" Extended Version)
    A Kind Of 'A Kind Of Magic' (Bonus Track 1986)
    A Kind Of Magic (Highlander Version)
    A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling (B-Side 1986)
    Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (12" Extended Version)
    New York, New York (Highlander Excerpt)
Disc 3: (1996)
    Friends Will Be Friends (12" Extended Version)
    Forever (1986 Bonus Track)
    Dog With A Bone (1988 Fan Club Song)
    Scandal (12" Extended Version)
    Stealin' (B-Side 1989)
    Hijack My Heart (B-Side 1989)
    Chinese Torture (1989 Bonus Track)
    The Invisible Man (12" Extended Version)
    My Life Has Been Saved (B-Side 1989)
    Breakthru (12" Extended Version)
    I Can't Live With You (1991 Hollywood Promo Version)
    Lost Opportunity (B-Side 1991)
    We Are The Champions (1991 George Bush Promo Remix)
    Stone Cold Crazy (1992 Trent Reznor Promo Remix)
    Rock In Rio Blues (B-Side 1995)
    It's A Beautiful Day (Complete Version)
    Let Me Live (1995 Banned Version)

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