Friday, 14 April 2017

Beatles, The - All Together Now 1 (RMW 798) [SBD]

The Beatles
'All Together Now 1'
(2011 Remasters Workshop : RMW 798)
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 The Beatles - Meet The Beatles Open-End Interview
02 The Beatles - Top Of The Pops EP
03 The Beatles Introduce New Songs - It's For You / I Don't Want To See You Again (*)
04 The Beatles - Fab Four On Film
05 The Beatles - Hand-operated flexidisc (SHOL 3254)
06 The Beatles German Medley flexidisc
07 Paul McCartney & Kenny Everett - All Together On The Wireless Machine
08 The Beatles - Dialogue from The Beatles' Motion Picture 'Let It Be'
09 The Beatles - What's The New Mary Jane (stereo single edit RS 4 + 5)
10 The Beatles - Una Sensazionale Intervista Con I Beatles (*)
11 The Beatles - Parlophone SGE-1 Stereo EP (*)
12 The Beatles Decade 32 sec radio ad (*)
13 John Lennon interview on David Peel (*)
14 Peter Cook & Dudley Moore - The LS Bumble Bee
15 The Fut - Have You Heard The Word
16 The Fut - Futting (unknown group credited as The Fut) (*)
17 Roger Wallis & Kim Loughran - Make Love To The End (*)
18 Kenny O'Dell - Homecoming Queen
19 The Beatles Decade 60 sec radio ad (*)

Tracks marked (*) are new. All tracks are sourced from their original vinyl and not another bootleg that contained a dub of them, with the exception of tracks 7 which is from a broadcast source, 9 from CD and 15 from CD, mastered from vinyl, with further repair work. The Beatles Decade 32-second ad might be previously unbooted. The 60-second version was previously released on the "Rarer Than Rare" LP from a tape dub of the record. Here, both versions are taken from an actual "Decade" single and appear in the best-ever quality. "Make Love To The End" is credited to John & Yoko with Ringo & Mal Evans. This is not true - it was made in the early '70s by the two hosts of "The Saturday Show" on Radio Sweden.

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