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New Order - Barcelona 1984 ~ Perth 1985 [SBD]

New Order
'Barcelona 1984 / Perth 1985'
Studio 54, Barcelona, Spain July 7th, 1984
Canterbury Court, Perth, Australia May 15th, 1985

Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track Lists: (Artwork included)
Barcelona (1984.07.07)
01. The Village
02. Your Silent Face
03. *Removed* Ceremony (Released on 'Retro' boxset)
04. Skullcrusher
05. We All Stand
06. Lonesome Tonight
07. Confusion
08. Hurt
09. Age Of Consent
10. Blue Monday
11. Everything's Gone Green
12. Temptation
Perth (1985.05.15)
01. Sunrise
02. Sooner Than You Think
03. Subculture
04. Age Of Consent
05. A Bullet In My Ear (As It Is When It Was)
06. Cramp
07. 586
08. Death Rattle
09. Temptation
10. The Perfect Kiss
11. Confusion

Original Notes:
The quick-and-dirty background: Whilst cleaning house, a set of master New Order soundboard tapes (various mid-80s live gigs, some rehearsals, and a DAT or two from the band’s 1989 US tour) was found by Hooky under the floorboards at his studio Suite 16 in Rochdale, England. At some point, these tapes ended up in Hooky’s trash as he thought they were shite, apparently. After a drunken night at Casa de Hooky, a musician friend of the bearded bass player, who was in his employ for a duration in the early 90s, rescued the tapes from the rubbish bin. Ultimately the tapes ended up being auctioned to a well-known New Order internet site proprietor in Florida, a fellow who is not commonly known for sharing the wealth. In the interim, ATR (sometimes called Stash) obtained digital transfers of these tapes before they were shipped off to the Sunshine State. ATR then shared them with the New Order cognoscenti, and then in 2004 we fed them to the world via Sharing The Groove. -Original

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