Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Metallica [2008.09.14] Radio 1 Presents Metallica [FM]

'Radio 1 Presents Metallica'
Radio Theatre, London, England
Sunday September 14th, 2008

FM Broadcast Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 That Was Just Your Life
02 The End of the Line
03 Until It Sleeps
04 Broken Beat & Scarred
05 Cyanide
06 Frantic
07 For Whom the Bell Tolls
08 The Day That Never Comes
09 Master of Puppets
10 Blackened

This was aired on BBC Radio 1 on 15th September 2008. This is the full set.
There is a slight drop-out/skip during 'The End Of The Line'at 6:15.

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