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Hall & Oates [1990.09.04] Change Of Season Tour [FM]

Hall & Oates
Daryl Hall / John Oates
Change Of Season Tour
Town And Country Club
London, England
Tuesday September 4th, 1990

FM Broadcast Recording
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
Track 101. Out of Touch 5:31
Track 102. Family Man 4:49
Track 103. Say It Isn’t So 7:05
Track 104. How Does It Feel 6:14
Track 105. Kiss on my List 5:28
Track 106. Starting Over 5:11
Track 107. Everytime You Go Away
Track 108. So Close
Track 109. I Can’t Go For That No Can Do 8:21
Disc 2:
Track 201. Sara Smile 7:44
Track 202. She’s Gone 5:18
Track 203. Rich Girl 3:26
Track 204. Wait For Me 0:39
Track 205. Maneater 7:50
Track 206. Adult Education 6:40
Track 207. You Make My Dreams Come True 5:07
Track 208. Hot Fun in the Summertime 6:00
Track 209. What’s Going On 6:00

lilpanda noted:
Can’t get much better than this, set wise. Lotsa hits, played by a crack band. Love em or hate em, Daryl and John were a machine. I always liked Starting Over and How Does It Feel, so for me, this is almost a best of. This is also, AFAIK, one of the few soundboard or FM performances of Hot Fun in the Summertime. -Original

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