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Copperhead [1973.01.00] Lonesome Trails (Studio Outtakes) [SBD]

'Lonesome Trails Studio Outtakes'
Recorded In January 1973

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 Spin Spin
02 Chameleon
03 Wang Dang Do
04 Drunken Irish Setter
05 Roller Derby Star
06 Puttin' It To You                                                         
07 They're Making A Monster
08 California Blues
09 Kamakazi
10 Kibitzer
11 Bigalow 6 - 9000
12 Pawn Shop Man
13 A Little Hand
14 Spin Spin

Copperhead was a band organized by guitarist John Cipollina after he left Quicksilver Messenger Service in 1970. Cipollina, who had been a member of Quicksilver since its formation and whose lead guitar playing was its signature sound, had grown increasingly dissatisfied after the return of band founder Dino Valenti from a prison term, when the group grew larger and he found he had less space to play. He had also grown increasingly interested in playing sessions, which the band discouraged. The early days of Copperhead were casual, with the group consisting of a loose aggregation of people playing gigs with Cipollina. Eventually it coalesced into a quartet consisting of Cipolliana on lead guitar; Gary Philippet on vocals, second guitar, and organ; Jim McPherson on vocals, bass, and piano; and David Weber on drums. The group was initially signed to the Just Sunshine label run by Michael Lang, one of the organizers of Woodstock. But in 1972 it was signed to a major-label record deal by Clive Davis at Columbia and recorded its debut album, Copperhead, released in the spring of 1973. Unfortunately, Davis was fired from Columbia shortly after the album's release, an action that doomed any developing band that had been signed under his aegis. The album went nowhere, and when Columbia refused to release their second album, Copperhead folded. Cipollina went on to play in many different bands before dying in 1989. -Original

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