Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Rolling Stones [1971.03.14] London Roadhouse (2015 TMQ)

The Rolling Stones
'London Roundhouse'
(2015 Trade Mark Of Quality : TMQ 71029)
New Edition More Music & Improved Sound
Good-Bye Britain Tour
Chalk Farm Roundhouse, London, England
Sunday March 14th, 1971 (2nd show)

Good Stereo Audience Recordings
Encoded: VBR MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. intro
02. Jumping Jack Flash
03. Live With Me
04. Dead Flowers
05. Stray Cat Blues
xx. Love In Vain (deleted--on 2015 Sticky Fingers (Deluxe Edition))
06. Prodigal Son
xx. Midnight Rambler (deleted--on 2015 Sticky Fingers (Deluxe Edition))
07. Bitch
xx. band introduction (deleted--on 2015 Sticky Fingers (Deluxe Edition))
xx. Honky Tonk Women (deleted--on 2015 Sticky Fingers (Deluxe Edition))
08. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
xx. Little Queenie (probable, recording does not circulate)
xx. Brown Sugar (probable, recording does not circulate)
xx. Street Fighting Man (probable, recording does not circulate)

This is a decent, not great audience recording of the last show of the Rolling Stones' brief 1971 UK tour, just before they left for France as tax exiles.  The tape has never circulated, so the only source has been two different Trade Mark of Quality records. (More...) -Original

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