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Police, The [1984.02.17] Synchronicity Tour, Illinois

The Police
Synchronicity Tour
Southern Illinois University Arena
Carbondale, Illinois, USA
Friday February 17th, 1984

Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Disc 1:
Voices Inside My Head
Synchronicity I
Synchronicity II
Walking in Your Footsteps
Message In a Bottle
Walking On the Moon
O My God
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
Wrapped Around Your Finger
Tea in the Sahara
Hole in My Life
Disc 2:
Spirits in the Material World
Invisible Sun
One World (Not Three)
King of Pain
Don't Stand So Close To Me
Every Breath You Take
Murder By Numbers
Can't Stand Losins You/Reggatta De Blanc

There aren't too many recordings running around from Carbondale, so location gives this one points. However, So Lonely is missing (but it's debatable at this point in the tour whether it was even played at all) and this has quite a bit of tape hiss. This recording is cut during Can't Stand Losin' You, so I wonder if our taper only had one 90-minute tape. There is a cut that takes out the very start of One World as well. Why Roxanne and Can't Stand were put on the same index is beyond me, as the encore break is left completely intact. This suck a down grade because the tape hiss here is incredible. Location makes this desirable to completists, but with just a so-so '84 performance and so much hiss most everyone can avoid this. As an aside, our taper does announce the date and location of this show. -Original

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