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Morrissey [2014.10.27] Le Grand Rex, Paris, France [SBD]

World Peace Is None Of Your Business Tour
Le Grand Rex, Paris, France
Monday October 27th, 2014

Excellent Satellite Broadcast Broadcast
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
101. The Queen Is Dead
102. Speedway
103. Kiss Me A Lot
104. I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
105. World Peace Is None Of Your Business
106. Neal Cassady Drops Dead
107. Istanbul
108. One Of Our Own
109. Trouble Loves Me
110. The Bullfighter Dies
Disc 2:
201. Earth Is The Loneliest Planet
202. Kick The Bride Down The Aisle
203. Meat Is Murder
204. Staircase At The University
205. I’m Not A Man
206. Asleep
207. Suedehead
208. Everyday Is Like Sunday
209. Outro

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Mozz was in good health, with a marvelous voice. He seemed happy to be there, in that strange place (Le Grand Rex is a cinema!). Although the sound which was not very good (due to the venue), we saw a very good concert. “Trouble loves me” was wonderful, same for “Asleep”, or “Bullfighter”, or “Staircase”. The two encore [”Suedehead”, “Everyday Is Like Sunday”] were magnificent, with the crowd singing all along with Mozz. - Guillaume

Gig started with The Queen is Dead and ended with Everyday is like Sunday. Group was wearing “Fuck Harvest” T-Shirts for the encore. There was a fight in the audience when Moz sent his shirt out. Crew had to cut it in pieces with scissors to distribute and avoid blood. - Anonymous Original

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