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Eddie Van Halen - The Wild Life (Unreleased Movie Score & Extras) [SBD]

Eddie Van Halen
'The Wild Life'
(1984 Unreleased Movie Score & Extras)

Professional Studio Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

In the middle of the furor for his new 'toys', Eddie Van Halen agreed to compose and perform the score for the 1984 comedy movie "The Wild Life". The Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP was released including various songs heard in the film (including tracks by Van Stephenson, Charlie Sexton, etc.) and the main theme composed and played by EVH titled 'Donut City'. The rest of the material, of course, remains unreleased.

Fast forward a couple of decades and thanks to modern digital technology, many of the incidental music from the movie can be separated from DVD or Blu-ray. Almost the complete "The Wild Life" score performed by Eddie Van Halen is featured here, including the much sought after 'End Titles Song' (also known as 'Back To School') with a very good sound. Added some of EVH most celebrated songs in its 'isolated track' versions, only the 'guitar tracks' taken from the original tapes. Rare stuff. -Original

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 - Open Titles
02 - Good Enough
03 - Donut City
04 - Thinking
05 - Fashion Dynasty
06 - Out The Window
07 - All Fired Up
08 - Peeping Tom
09 - Driving
10 - Love Theme
11 - Top Down
12 - End Titles [Back To School]
13 - Jump (Isolated synth & guitar)
14 - Ain't Talkin' Bout Love (Isolated Guitar)
15 - Panama (Guitar Track)
16 - Little Guitars (Isolated Guitar)
17 - Hang Em' High (Isolated Guitar)
18 - Atomic Punk (Isolated Guitar)

Written & Produced by Donn Landee and Edward Van Halen.
All instruments performed by Edward Van Halen.

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