Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Bryan Adams [2013.07.10] Lucca Summer Festival [FM]

Bryan Adams
Live! With The Full Band Tour
Lucca Summer Festival
Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy
Wednesday July 10th, 2013

FM Broadcast Recording
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Just the songs that were broadcast are here)
01- House Arrest
02- Somebody
03- Here I Am
04- Kids Wanna Rock
05- Can't Stop
06- I'm Ready
07- I Thought I Died
08- Woman
09- This Time
10- Hearts On Fire
11- Eighteen Til I Die
12- Back To You
13- radio outros

A Live and Direct FM radio broadcast by "Radio2Live", Radio2 RAI [second channel of Italian national radio] from Piazza Napoleone, Lucca (Italy), on Wednesday 10 July 2013, 21:34 hours [CET] - this is just an excerpt of a longer set, as the act did not permit the complete broadcast.

Note: In Italian radio customs the DJ speaks a lot in-between songs. And I mean a lot.. His/Her purpose is to introduce songs with bits of bio and translate what the artists say, or to describe to radio listeners what's happening on stage. It may gets VERY annoying, and trust me it does, thus we might consider this recording ONLY FOR COMPLETISTS. But the songs, the actual music, are (usually) not spoken over in the middle of them. It has to be noted that Italian DJs are on the whole advised to talk that much by the same record companies to prevent bootlegging. -Original

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