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O{+> [1998.12.27] Rock This Joint (Aftershow Cologne)

"Hey, I got my Coolio hair goin' on!"

'Rock This Joint'
(1999 Sabotage Records : SAB 075/076)
Newpower Soul Tour Aftershow
Live Music Hall, Cologne, Germany
Sunday December 27th, 1998 (am)

Very Good Stereo Audience DAT Recording
Encoded: 160 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
 01 Days Of Wild (Incl. Cigarette Break)
 02 Thank You (Falettime be mice elf again)
 03 You Can Sing It If you Try
 04 Ole Smokey
 05 Hair
 06 Love And Happiness
 07 The Ghetto
 08 The Question Of U
Disc 2:
 01 (Go My Groove On) Baby Let's Go
 02 Joy And Pain
 03 Forever In My Life
 04 Everyday People (Inlc. Lickin' Stick)
 05 Release Yourself
 06 The Jam
 07 One Of Us

- Special Guests: Candy Dulfer, Cynthia Robinson, Jerry Martini, Larry Graham.
- This was the last 1998 aftershow.
- This aftershow lasted longer than the regular Cologne set.

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