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Split Enz [1982.09.27] Hammersmith Odeon (1 File) [FM]

Split Enz
Hammersmith Odeon,
London, England
September 27th, 1980

FM Broadcast Recording
(All in one (1) MP3 File : 137 MB)
Playing Time - 59:57
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Playlist: (In 1 File)
I Wouldn't Dream Of It
Poor Boy
One Step Ahead
Missing Person
Walking Through The Ruins
Ghost Girl
I Got You
I Don't Wanna Dance
What's The Matter With You
I Hope I Never
In The Wars
Nobody Takes Me Seriously
I See Red
Shark Attack

This show catches them on their UK tour after the release of their 5th album, True Colours in June 1980; an album which enabled them finally to break internationally. The recording was in good condition apart from a bit of noise and hum - so once that had been worked on, it was a relatively straight forward EQ and master job - losing the tinniness, bringing up the bass, losing the midrange mud and creating space between the instruments. Job done!Not quite a full show, this was originally an FM radio broadcast designed to fit in under an hour. As ever with the Finns, a fair bit of chat in between songs, despite this being a radio transcription (chat between songs often gets cut).-Original

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