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Nirvana [1992.09.11] Banned For Life (Pluto Records)

'Banned For Life'
(1993 Pluto Records : PLR CD 9306)
Washington Music Industry Coalition Benefit
Seattle, Washington, USA
Friday September 11th, 1992

Very Good Audience Recording
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Breed
02. Drain You
03. Aneurysm
04. School
05. Sliver
06. In Bloom
07. Come As You Are
08. Lithium
09. About a Girl
10. Tourette’s
11. Polly
12. Lounge Act
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit
14. On a Plain
15. Negative Creep
16. All Apologies
17. Been A Son
18. Blew
19. Dumb
20. Rape Me
21. Stay Away
22. Love Buzz
23. Territorial Pissings

Nirvana Bootography Review:
Great Show! This disc sports the complete 9-11-92 show (almost 78 minutes) from a crisp, clear, digital audience recording. The set list is fantastic and includes a lot of early “In Utero” material (three songs), Lounge Act, and the “More than a feeling” intro for “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”
During the “demolition” Krist tells the audience “you guys can leave ’cause we’re going to be up here for a while.” You need to hear this one to appreciate it. This is one of the best performances ever captured on a commercial bootleg. This disc would have received a grade of 100% if it had been a soundboard recording. Some of the between-song banter has also been edited, however, it’s impossible to detect unless you have the complete recording to compare “Banned For Life” with. -Original

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