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Kiss [1975.08.03] Providence, RI. (Taper Dan L.) [Master-AUD]

'Providence, RI'
Providence Civic Centre
Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Sunday August 3rd, 1975


Master Audience Recording
(Sony TC-152SD analog tape recorder & Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone)
(Taper: Dan Lampinski)
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01 Deuce
02 Strutter
03 Hotter Than Hell
04 Firehouse
05 She
06 C'mon And Love Me
07 100,000 Years (start)
08 Drums/Paul Stanley Rap
09 100,000 Years (end)
10 Black Diamond
11 Cold Gin
12 Rock and Roll All Nite

- Kiss' shortened set was a result of their opening for Black Sabbath who were touring in support of their "Sabotage" album.
- The show was sold out and the audience reportedly booed heartily when the band's set finished, wanting more of what they'd just experienced!
- While a bit distant sounding, the AUD recording of this show has nicely balanced levels. Paul's raps can be a bit difficult to hear, though he's very energetic. The show circulates direct from the master (Maloney) recorded using a Sony TC-110A analog cassette recorder.
- A new source started circulating in October 2009, direct from a master (Lampinski), that had been recorded using Sony TC-152SD analog tape recorder and Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone. A nice matrix of the two sources also exists.

KISS had a confrontation in Providence, Rhode Island on August 8, 1975 with the Sabbath. Black Sabbath set up their stage and not left enough space for your battery lift platform or space for the band was front foot. They had room to pull back but did not want his team . Bill Aucoin were addressed to the KISS road crew, not recede for us so we will not touch. Gather the team and stick it in the truck, get out of here ”. So I put everything in the truck and when I was putting the lock on the back of the truck, Bill came out, gave everyone a ticket for $50 and said, ‘Return to ride : they gave .” So they reassembled the team and played the concert. -Original

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