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John Lennon - Oddities Vol.3 (His Masters Choice) [SBD]

John Lennon
'Oddities Vol.3'
TMOQ Gazette - Volume 3
(2012 His Masters Choice : HMC 015)

Outtakes and Demos
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Chapter One:
01. Love (Take 24-25)
02. Glad All Over (Jam)
03. Hold On John (Rock Version)
04. Hold On John (Take 24)
05. Crippled Inside (Outtake)
06. Jealous Guy (Outtake)
07. It’s So Hard (Outtake)
08. Gimme Some Truth (Outtake)
09. How Do You Sleep (Outtake
10. Oh My Love (Rehearsals)
11. Cripple Inside (Outtake)
12. Honey Don’t (Oct 1970)
13. Happy Xmas (Demo)

Chapter Two:
01. I’ve Got A Feeling (Demo)
02. God Save Us (Demo)
03. Woman Is The ****** Of The World (Demo)
04. John Sinclair (Demo)
05. Love Is The Answer (Mind Games) (Demo)
06. Mind Games (‘Make Love Not War’ Demo) - REMOVED
07. Aisumasen (Demo)
08. Freeda People (Demo)
09. I Know (I Know) (Demo)
10. You Are Here (Outtake) - REMOVED
11. Meat City (Demo)
12. Meat City (Demo)
13. Meat City (Demo)
14. Here We Go Again (Demo)
15. Whatever Get You Through The Night (Demo)
16. What You Got (Demo)
17. Steel And Glass (Demo)
18. Steel And Glass (Demo)
19. Nobody Loves You When You Are Down And Out (Demo)
20. You Send Me (Demo)
21. Attica State (Live 1971)
22. Come Together (Rehearsal)
23. Come Together (Live) - REMOVED

Since hitting the ground running in 2007, His Masters Choice have been the best source for John Lennon outtakes since the untimely demise of American bootlegger Vigotone in 2001. They have thus far released 4 hard-backed, 2 CD collections and at least 1 vinyl LP in to the hands of the fortunate collectors. Whereas Vigotone, in their earlier incarnations had used tracks from Westwood One’s “Lost Lennon Tapes” recorded from the radio, then later used transcription disks & finally were able to secure rare cassette & acetate sources, HMC have generally used very high quality studio recordings for their releases, often spanning the full session for a certain track from John’s studio albums or home demos from John’s lost five years at home as he took retirement from recording or playing live.

Following the path taken by their first release “Oddities” scoops up what they have spare & presents them all within the Gazette format that was first issued last year. This isn’t a scraping of the barrel affair, far from it, despite the fact that we get to hear some new upgrades and longer takes than heard on the “Anthology” series, we also herald the premier of several new to bootleg takes that have never been heard before.

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