Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Counting Crows - Flying Demos 1991 [SBD]

Counting Crows
'Flying Demos 1991'
Excellent Quality Soundboard
Soundboard Recording
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
01. Rain King
02. Omaha
03. Anna Begins
04. Einstein on the Beach (For An Eggman)
05. Shallow Days
06. Love and Addiction
07. Mr. Jones
08. Round Here
09. 40 Years
10. Margery Dreams Of Horses (And So Do I)
11. Bulldog
12. Lightning
13. We're Only Love
14. Wiseblood [Bonus]
15. Perfect Blue Buildings [Bonus]
16. Open All Night (It's Gonna Be Alright) [Bonus]
17. Caravan [Bonus]

Before signing to Geffen records, the band recorded demo versions of a number of songs, which became known as the 'Flying Demos'. This is the band's original demo tape that was sold at early shows, and later re-surfaced among the Counting Crows fan base.
These are excellent recordings, actually sounding much better than most 'demo' tapes. Some songs from the tape  later resurfaced (in reworked versions) on the band's debut album 'August and Everything After'.
However, many songs remained unreleased (although different versions of some have subsequently appeared as bonus tracks, etc. on future releases). Included here are some standout songs that surprisingly did not become a part of their recorded output. A must for any fan of the band. Four bonus live tracks from 1994-08-19 have been added to the original 13 song tape in this version. -Original

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