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Bruce Springsteen [1985.06.29] & The E Street Band [SBD]

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Born In The USA Tour
Parc De La Courneuve, Paris, France
Saturday June 29th, 1985

Soundboard Recording
Uber Series Volume 17, 3CD
Audio ripped from Pro-shot DVD
Encoded: 224 Kbps MP3


Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
Track 101. Born In The USA
Track 102. Badlands
Track 103. Out In The Street
Track 104. Johnny 99
Track 105. Atlantic City
Track 106. Introduction
Track 107. Shut Out The Light
Track 108. The River
Track 109. Working On The Highway
Track 110. Trapped
Track 111. Darlington County
Track 112. Glory Days
Disc 2:
Track 201. The Promised Land
Track 202. Introduction
Track 203. My Hometown
Track 204. Thunder Road
Track 205. Cover Me
Track 206. Dancing In The Dark
Track 207. Hungry Heart
Track 208. Cadillac Ranch
Track 209. Downbound Train
Track 210. I’m On Fire
Disc 3:
Track 301. Because The Night
Track 302. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Track 303. Introduction
Track 304. Can’t Help Falling In Love
Track 305. Born To Run
Track 306. Bobby Jean
Track 307. Ramrod
Track 308. Twist And Shout (with Do You Love Me)
Track 309. Rockin’ All Over The World

Karsten Stanley Andersen, greasylake.wordpress, 2007:
While I have since heard countless of bootlegs from that [1985] tour, including the now legendary Gothenburg shows, and I have watched whatever video footage has emerged, it wasn’t until I recently watched the newly surfaced Paris DVD - Breathless in Paris – that I truly felt I knew what it must have been like to those lucky people who had gone. It starts out slow, but little by little the intensity builts up until the incredible climax where Bruce kneels on the stage and roars his “prisoner of rock ‘n’ roll” confession into the dark Paris sky. Over the course of the show, he goes from being just another figure on a huge stage bathed in daylight, to being an unstoppable natural force driving the crowd into a frenzy out there in the warm summer night. Back in the summer of 1985 Bruce may have been extremely popular thanks to radio airplay and the “Dancing in the Dark” video, but few people in that crowd, and other European crowds, probably had much of an idea what they were in for. That he was much more than a cool looking dude with a toothpaste smile and a nice butt. -Original

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