Friday, 14 October 2016

Tom Petty - Mudcrutch & Solo Petty LP Outtakes [SBD]

Tom Petty / Mudcrutch
'Mudcrutch Demos & Solo Petty LP Outtakes'
Circa: 1974-1975

Studio Soundboard Recordings
Recordings from Various Sources
Fair to Very Good Sound Quality
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
01.  Another Lonely Night
02.  Don't It Get Weird
03.  You're Driving Me Crazy
04.  She's A Screamer
05.  Parade Of Loons
06.  Makin' Some Noise
07.  You Don't Care
08.  Don't Bring Me Down
09.  Save Me
10.  Don't Make It Any Easier
11.  Lost In Your Eyes
12.  Long Way From Home 1
13.  Long Way From Home 2
14.  Once Upon A Time Somewhere
15.  Country Girls Run Dry

Probable Locations:
Shelter Church Studios (Tulsa), Warners (Burbank). and Johnny Yuma (Burbank).
Probable Origins:
Track 1 - outtake from TP's solo album
Track 2 - from demo Mudcrutch took with them to Los Angeles.
Track 3 - unknown origin
Track 4 - outtake from sessions at Shelter Church Studios
Track 5 - demo from 1978 - There is also apparently a studio outtake of this song from the "You're Gonna Get It" era but that doesn't circulate among collectors at this time
Track 6 - from the demo Mudcrutch took with them to Los Angeles.
Tracks 7-9 - outtakes from the "You're Gonna Get It" LP sessions
Track 10 - Danny Roberts song from sessions at Shelter Church Studios. There is also an alternate version of this where TP sings the middle eight.
Track 11 - outtake from TP's aborted solo album
Track 12 & 13 - One of these is the original Mudcrutch demo while the other one is a remake (from around 1977)
Track 14 - from the demo Mudcrutch took with them to Los Angeles.
Track 15 - from a Mudcrutch rehearsal in 1972. It should be noted that the version here slightly differs from the version on the Mudcrutch rehearsal tape. It might be someone's personal dubdown.

In response to a recent request, I dug out this collection of demos and outtakes from the early days of Mudcrutch and Tom Petty's initial aborted solo project. And since this contains some very interesting relics from the past in the careers of the revived Mudcrutch band and Petty himself, I decided to go ahead and post it here for all to enjoy. As most probably know now, Mudcrutch was Petty's band in Gainesville, FL, before the days of The Heartbreakers (although core members Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench were in both bands).(more...) -Original

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