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Police, The - Retro Rock Broadcast (RR 82-51/52)

The Police
Retro Rock (RR 82-51, RR 82-52)
For Broadcast 12/13 and 12/20, 1982
Broadcast Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List:
Sides One and Two:
01.  Retro Rock RR-82-51 Intro and Interview
02.  Can't Stand Losing You (Live)
03.  Interview - Sting
04.  Commercial - Budweiser
05.  Commercial - Jensen Sound System
06.  Commercial - Ms. Lee Jeans
07.  Next To You (Live, Bottom Line New York City April 1979)
08.  Fallout (single)
09.  Interview
10.  Roxanne (Live Bottom Line April 1979 - note: the circulating version mastered by David Hussey has a break in the song that he patched with a section from the My Father's Place show.  This is version doesn't have the break, or the patch, but is the full version from the Bottom Line show.)
11.  Retro Rock Promo 1
12.  Retro Rock Promo 2
13.  Retro Rock Promo 3
14.  So Lonely (Live, unknown venue, Sting mentions NYC at 5:37 (but it's not from the "Hussey" Bottom Line show or the other NYC shows I've heard, Hotel Diplomat, Palladium, MSG 81...)
15.  Commercial - Budweiser - George Thorogood
16.  Commercial - Lee Jeans
17.  Interview - Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers
18.  Message In A Bottle (live)
19.  International success
20.  Man In A Suitcase (studio)
21.  Retro Rock RR-82-51 Break
22.  Commercial - Budweiser
23.  Commercial - Sperti Sun Lamp
24.  Interview - Sting
25.  Don't Stand So Close To Me (studio)

Sides Three and Four:
01.  Retro Rock RR-82-52 Intro
02.  De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (English, Spanish, and Japanese)
03.  Driven To Tears (live)
04.  Interview - Andy Summers
05.  Canary In A Coal Mine (studio)
06.  Retro Rock RR-82-52 Break
07.  Commercial - Budweiser - Leon Redbone
08.  Commercial - Jensen Car Stereo
09.  Commercial - Ms. Lee Jeans
10.  Interview - Martin Lewis
11.  I Shall Be Released (Secret Policeman's Other Ball)
12.  Interview - Sting
13.  Too Much Information (studio)
14.  Interview - Stewart Copeland
15.  Invisible Sun (studio)
16.  Interview - Sting
17.  Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (studio)
18.  Retro Rock RR-82-52 Break
19.  Commercial - Budweiser (in the style of Pat Benatar)
20.  Commercial - Lee Stretch Jeans
21.  Interview - Andy Summers - Solo LP - I Advance Masked
22.  Omegaman
23.  Interview - Stewart Copeland - Klark Kent
24.  Spirits In The Material World (studio)
25.  Commercial - Budweiser
26.  Commercial - Sperti Sun Lamps
27.  Interview - Sting - Movie Roles
28.  Spread A Little Happiness (studio)
29.  Interview - Sting
30.  Retro Rock RR-82-52 Outro

Retro Rock was produced by the Clayton Webster Corporation out of St. Louis.  The show format was rebroadcasts of live concerts and artist profile/interview specials.  Occasionally they blended the formats and mixed unreleased live songs with studio cuts and interviews.  That's the format for this two part special by the Police.

The first hour is almost all unreleased live music from different concerts.  I managed to identify two of the songs as from the Bottom Line show of April 1979.  The version I have of the Bottom Line show was mastered by Mr. David Hussey and has a patched version of "Roxanne."  This Retro Rock show has a complete version of the song, without the break or the patch.

The second hour shifts to more studio material, but has one song that should be of note to Police completists.  In 1980, the Police released a single of "De Doo Doo Doo, De Da Da Da" with a Spanish version on one side and a Japanese version on the flip. Each side was the full version of the song with three verses and choruses in the respective language.  This rare single was left off "Message in a Box: The Complete Recordings" (which is, of course, not "complete").

There's a unique English/Spanish/Japanese edit of "De Doo Doo Doo, De Da Da Da" on this Retro Rock show with a verse/chorus in each of the three languages.  Presumably they edited the three different versions together from the released versions.  I've been unable to track down any evidence that this edit was ever commercially distributed. -Original

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