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Pink Floyd - Have You Got 'Have You Got It Yet' Yet [SBD]

Pink Floyd
Have You Got 'Have You Got It Yet?' Yet?
Live / Studio Demos / Outtakes / Sessions
Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 320 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
01 - Astronomy Domine (Oops Mix)
As in The Piper, no compilation should avoid this subject like opening. This is an analog mixing, and the differences are the original patents. The issue is less produced, more direct sound.
02 - Lucy Leave
03 - King Bee
The first session of Pink Floyd. 1966.
04 - Interstellar Overdrive (Demo)
Used for the short, almost music video, called San Francisco, 1968. The first recorded version of the theme.
05 - Lanky, Part II
Along with Lanky, Part I and Rhamadam, forms the trio improvisations that marked the first solo recordings Syd. Only this fragment has been leaked.
06 - Scream Thy Last (07Aug67 Jenner 1974 mix)
Along with Vegetable Man, one of the still unedited gems. Great sound quality. Recorded in November 1967. Peter Jenner at the controls.
07 - [LP Radio Relics ad]
We love Relics. This is the radio ad (short version) to promote the album.
08 - The Gnome (BBC) *
In live for the BBC.
09 - Love You - Take II / Decision II, slow.

Disc 2:
10 - [Ytpme Sescaps (Hidden Msg on 'The Wall') 1979]
Listen Empty Spaces of The Wall carefully. You will hear a recorded voice back. Roger Waters is sending a confusing message, which refers to Syd Barrett, old pink. Or at least that's what they say.
11 - Dark Globe - Choral Version
Dark Globe with choruses sung by Syd.
12 - Fragment
Something recorded in the enigmatic sessions 1974. The question is ... Fragment of what?
13 - See Emily Play (acetate)
Provisional recorded on acetate mixture See Emily Play. Important here, the last seconds, which did not appear in the version that was released. Thanks, Richard Wright! Enigmatic end.
14 - [See Emily Play at 16rpm]
It is recorded loop, to appreciate better in one play. Interesting...
15 - PowRTocH (Look of the Week) *
Hans Keller's interview in Look of the Week Pink Floyd in this program should have passed into history. During the program they performed live Astronomy Domine. This is a short version of PowRTocH that served as an introduction to this issue in May 1967.
16 - Vegetable Man
Recorded in November 1967. The experts see it as a self -description Syd. Inédita still inexplicably.
17 - Long Gone - Take II
Taking Long Gone II. For some, higher than the first, which was used in The Madcap Laughs.
18 - Let's Split
Identical to the version of Opel, except that in this version has deleted the part that passes Syd leaves the letters and mutters something. Sin for purists!
19 - Late Night, Take 2
One of the many jewels Have You Got It Yet ?. The guitar track Late Night. No more no less.
20 - [Scream Thy Last Scream (Excerpt at 16rpm)]
If you have paid attention to this issue, you've heard voices more revolutions. Here they appear in the original speed ... And Syd!
21 - soesimoD
Dominoes guitar was recorded back. How it would sound as recorded?
22 - My Little Red Book (riff)
Peter Jenner hummed the riff of this song recorded by Love, and whose author is Burt Bacharach. Syd, inspired became the powerful riff of Interstellar Overdirve.
23 - Fast Boogie
Peter Jenner again. He was responsible for carrying Syd his last recording session. The recorded tracks were discarded for any type of release. It was 1974. Fast Boogie can be more normal.
24 - The Wondermits - Arnold Layne
Have You Got It Yet? It includes versions of other artists. The Wondermits became today in the right hand of Brian Wilson.
25 - Stanley The Simpleton
You do not have to do anything at all with what Syd intervene. It is a matter of authorship and anonymous interpretation distributed in the nineties by the network under the name Pink Floyd, and has become a favorite of fans of Syd, who aware of counterfeiting, consider a theme that his style and subject matter, could have been part of the Piper.
26 - This Mortal Coil - Late Night
Perhaps the best version by another artist Syd a theme. True to the spirit of the song, different sound.
27 - 'That Was OK'
1974. sessions should have been called 'I think it was OK', with a very convinced of that Syd
28 - Roger Waters on Have You Got It Yet
Have not belongs to You Got It Yet ?. Roger Waters has the pre-trial recording ever made of Have You Got It Yet ?

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