Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Kiss - Gene Simmons 1978 Studio Demos

'Gene Simmons 1978 Demos'
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 128 Kbps MP3

Unknown source, other information.

Track List:
01. Radioactive
02. Burnin' Up With Fever
03. True Confessions
04. Man Of A 1,000 Faces
05. Mr. Make Believe
06. Howlin' For Your Love
07. Bad, Bad Lovin'
08. See You In Your Dreams
09. Take A Chance ['Ladies Room' Demo]

"I try to make sure everything that I post is indeed the actual 'bootleg' that the title represents. Example: Audience, Soundboard, MP3, FLAC, Source, Date, Venue, Date, etc. When I get a new concert, demos, I try my best by a lot of searching, listening, comparing, and so on to verify it is what it claims to be. This collection of demos is something I got a long time ago. I don't know anything about it what-so-ever. But after listening to it again I decided to share it. The sound is very good, and it is an interesting collection. -Yup!"

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