Sunday, 2 October 2016

Guns N' Roses - Sessions (Uzi Suicide GNR87-872) [SBD]

Guns N' Roses
(Uzi Suicide : GNR871/GNR872)

Japanese Silver Pressed Discs
Studio Soundboard Recordings
Encoded: 192 Kbps MP3

Track List: (Artwork Included)
Disc 1:
[01] Jumping Jack Flash [1]
[02] You're Crazy [1]
[03] Reckless Life [1]
[04] Heartbreak Hotel [1]
[05] Shadow Of Your Love [1]
[06] Welcome To The Jungle [1]
[07] Move To The City
[08] Mama Kin [1]
[09] Mama Kin [2]
[10] Heartbreak Hotel [2]
[11] Instrumental Jam
[12] Jumping Jack Flash [2]
[13] Jumping Jack Flash [3]
[14] Rap
[15] November Rain [1]
Disc 2:
[01] Rocket Queen
[02] Night Train
[03] My Michelle
[04] You're Crazy [2]
[05] Paradise City
[06] Move To The City [2]
[07] November Rain [2]
[08] Shadow Of Your Love [2]
[09] Wreckless Life [2]
[10] Think About You
[11] Welcome To The Jungle
[12] Don't Cry
[13] Nice Boys
[14] Back Off Bitch
[15] Anything Goes

Details are a little sketchy on this one, but the gist is that they're all sessions from 1987 towards the first album. Sound's pretty damn good.

This 2CD Japanese silver set features almost all of the tracks recorded during Guns N' Roses 1987 demo sessions. Hence the name 'Sessions'. The only tracks missing are 'Out Ta Get Me', an alternate take of 'Rocket Queen', and an acoustic version of 'Move To The City'. These discs have also been released as 'No Refrain' (CD1) and 'November Rain' (CD2). The tracks on 'Sessions' seem to come from a better source/transfer as there are less audible artifacts present in the background. Highlights of 'Sessions' include two completely unique versions of 'November Rain', as well as raw early versions of 'Paradise City', Nightrain', 'Don't Cry','Back Off Bitch', 'Shadow Of Your Love', and multiple takes of two unreleased covers; 'Heartbreak Hotel', and, 'Jumpin' Jack Flash'. -Original

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